GSMNDB: Genome-Scale Metabolic Network DataBase



The reconstruction and analysis of genome-scale metabolic networks are among the central topics of Systems Biology. Up to now, high quality genome-scale metabolic models of nearly 100 organisms have been reconstructed by different research groups. For certain model organisms such as Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae two or more metabolic models have been reconstructed. This database is the first database on high quality genome-scale metabolic networks which provides a central point for accessing all published metabolic network models.

Introduction: Introduction of this database (user guide).

Organisms: A list of organisms with genome-scale metabolic network models.

Models: A list of all genome-scale metabolic network models.

Toolbox: Databases and software may be used. Abbreviation is also included here.

Transport: Transport included in 48 reconstructed models.



The update information is available here.

Version 2.5 updated on May 6, 2012